1. How many sessions will we need?

This is something we discuss at the initial session. We can decide to set a number of sessions (usually 6-12) or we can decide to work forward on a weekly basis and evaluate progress as we go along. As a rule of thumb, the length of counselling will depend on whether the issues you are bringing are deep seated or are a recent response to a life event. People have busy lives so sometimes we have to tailor the counselling to what is possible for you to manage.

2. How much will it cost?

I charge £70 for a standard 50 minute session. In special circumstances I can charge a reduced fee of £60 if you can manage a day time or early evening (up to and including 6pm) session.

3. How does it work?

Relationship Counsellors believe that difficulties in relationships are rooted in the experience of relationships we have had in the past, with family members or previous partners. Events during the lifetime of the current relationship have probably added to these difficulties. We look at what is happening in the here and now and try to throw some light on it by linking back to the past. Once you are able to think about this you will be better able to make the changes you need.

4. My partner doesn’t want to come; is there any point me coming on my own?

Yes. It helps to talk things over with a third party who is outside the situation. Your partner might like to come just to an initial session to see what the counsellor could offer him/her. If not, come along for a session to find out if you think a few sessions on your own might feel helpful.

5. What is the difference between couples counselling and couples therapy?

Not very much. The rule of thumb here is again – is it deep rooted or a recent difficulty. Therapy is a longer term process designed to bring about the change at quite a deep level; counselling is a shorter term way of looking to make change, usually by improving communication. Sometimes people who come for counselling find that they would like to go on to some more in-depth work as well. I am qualified by the BACP as a counsellor /psychotherapist so can offer both.